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Nishma has helped me overcome a stressful journey with my little angel.  From focusing on nutrition by adding the good and taking out the bad, Nishma made a difference to my girl’s health in no time.  Nishma has always been my guiding star.

– Neetu Chopra



Nishma has been a nutritional godsend! Her advice, ideas and suggestions have had a huge impact on the family diet and we are all feeling the benefits. My son has a rare liver disease and I feel the key changes we have made are definitely boosting his immune system and generally building his physical strength. I wish I had spoken to NIshma sooner, thank you so much.

– Victoria Proctor


462368_3976447769211_465227512_o My sessions with Nishma were invaluable. She has such a calm wisdom and passion about her that has helped me deal with stress in my life, learn so much about myself, heal from difficulties in my past, plan my professional and financial goals, and plan for the future. I started out in our sessions being very stressed, didn’t have time for everything, and feeling overloaded; I am now much more in control of my time and can focus my energies in a more productive way. I will definitely be checking back in times of need.

– Kim Keeper

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