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“Optimize your child’s mind, body and soul” is packed with great information, advice and exercises that will help you conquer many issues we are faced with when raising our children in the  21st century. 

There are far too many adults suffering from endless illnesses and I believe through knowledge and guidance we can help give the next generation a chance to live a healthier life.

Optimize your child’s mind, body and soul is a practical guide that will help:

– Increase your understanding of how different food groups influence your child’s mind, body and soul.

– Show you how simple changes in gut health can strengthen the immune system and optimize brain power.

– Introduce yoga and meditation to your child to help them keep calm and centered.

– Introduce you to healthy mouth watering recipes that will bring enjoyment to family meal times.

And much more!!!

I hope you enjoy the book and that it has a positive impact on your family life. I really enjoyed writing it! The journey I go through daily with my son has been the driving force of this book!

Much love and appreciation for all your support!



“Optimize Your Child’s Mind, Body and Soul” is a powerful guide that allows the reader to see and understand the connection between happiness and well being.
Nishma writes not just as a teacher, or as a health coach, but also as a MOTHER who lived through the steps that she is presenting in her book.
She went from almost losing her son to an illness — to being able not only to save him, but also to raise as a strong, healthy and happy young boy.
She is a true example of a mother-warrior who has learnt a great deal while on her journey and now generously shares her wisdom with all of us!”

“An amazing and informative book. There is so much to take in but the structure, makes it easy to read and absorb. I have learnt so much from nishma and plan to make dietary changes for my family, since reading this book.”

“Great book for any parent that wants to improve their child’s health. I actually learnt a few things about my own well-being too!”

“I actually read your book cover to cover was amazing! I did have a small weep especially when I read the back few pages and recognised the hard times that you’ve had to face…But the wonderful thing is that you are now such a stronger women and mum! Its clear to me that this is so your CALLING on helping others.”


As a health coach Nishma is deeply passionate about helping clients make better choices so they excel in their lives.  She is dedicated to helping as many children out there as possible and her own personal story about keeping her son healthy and safe after a liver transplant is the basis and driving force for this book. Her nutritional expertise and positive attitude will guide you along this amazing transformation.  

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